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postheadericon Home of Quilling, suppliers of quilling strips and accessories

Quilling, paper filigree or the Art of paper scrollwork, can be traced back to at least the 15th century in Europe. French and Italian nuns used to decorate religious objects with paper strips often cut from old gilt edged books. As it became more popular and spread to England and America paper quilling was used to decorate a wide range of objects e.g tea caddies, screens, coats of arms, etc.

During the Victorian age quilling was taught in some schools for young ladies. The Victoria and Albert museum has on display various items decorated with paper scrollwork. The craft has experienced a revival in recent years as it is a relaxing, beautiful, versatile craft that can be practiced by all ages. it is an inexpensive hobby to follow. Quilling can be used in card making,scrap booking,decorating boxes,picture making etc.Once you have mastered the art its possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Kasikraft supplies paper strips of 30cm lengths in 2 sizes,3mm and 6mm. We also supply quilling tools and starter kits. The quilling starter kits consist of a work board, a quilling tool, strips of paper in various colours, a picture showing some of the shapes that can be achieved, instructions on how to get started and instructions for making quilled roses and daisies.

We have a new product; ready fringed strips in 3mm and 6mm widths and 20cm lengthst. They come in two colours,pastel shades and bright colours.

The website shows a few examples of my work and gives one an idea of what can be achieved.

Acid free paper also ensures that quilled embellishments are ideally suited for inclusion in scrapbook designs.

Don't forget to Check out our woodwork items.

The Wire jewelry is based on Quilling shapes. Quilling strips and Beginners Kits are also available.For prices and more information contact me via E mail

You can contact us or place an order.